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The Consumers Legal Remedies Act (CLRA) is a California fraud statute that protects consumers against deceptive practices — in advertising or other business practices. The act applies only to consumers and contains strong provisions to penalize companies that violate the act.

The Law Offices of René Korper is a California consumer protection law firm in Valencia. We handle lemon law cases and consumer fraud matters, both from a prevention and litigation perspective. The CLRA is the foundation from which consumer fraud claims stem. It protects against dozens of specific bad acts and practices, including:

  • Holding out another's services or products as one's own
  • Misrepresenting the place of origin of goods or services
  • Representing goods as new or original when they are in fact used, altered, deteriorated, reconditioned, reclaimed, etc.
  • Not selling goods or services as advertised
  • Giving misleading accident history reports for motor vehicles

There are many more actions that fall within the act's prohibitions. The overall concept involves consumers who are the victims of lies and deceit regarding goods or services they purchased.

Experience In Deceptive Product Cases

Our firm has more than 20 years of experience vindicating consumers' rights using the CLRA.

Currently, we have a pending case against Ford Motor Company for claims regarding the computer system in the Ford Edge vehicles.

The CLRA is a provision with teeth. It allows people to obtain restitution (get their money back), as well as punitive damages and attorney fees. It sends a loud message to companies that take advantage of consumers.

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