Different defects that lead to Lemon Law

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When you purchase a new car, every function should be operating as smoothly as possible. The dealer who sells you the vehicle has a responsibility to check every vehicle before the purchase. Failing to do so could lead to unnecessary costs or safety hazards for the driver.

Regardless if your car is brand new or slightly used, there should not be any major problems in the first place. It is frustrating to have to pay additional costs for damage repair in something you just got. It’s even more frustrating if your mechanic makes those repairs but the car still won’t work right. Here are a couple of problems with your vehicle that might mean that you have bought a lemon.

Your brakes do not work properly.

Brakes are crucial for maintaining distance between other drivers and avoiding car accidents.

Getting a car with worn down brakes can be problematic because not only are they very difficult to fix, but having them means you cannot keep your foot on if you have to stop quickly. This makes it harder to keep your foot on the brakes when you have to stop quickly.

Another potentially unfixable part is your anti-lock braking system. Your car light alerting you that it needs repair should not turn on within weeks or months of your purchase. These tend to happen in different terrain that can affect that car’s traction such as stormy weather or off-road environments.

Your car has an electrical problem.

Your headlights are not working and your car has difficulty starting up. This can only mean that it has some electrical issues within. Most of the time this has to do with your main wiring harness or car battery. Near-dead batteries should not come with a new car as they are not repairable and require replacements every couple of years.

Faulty wiring can be a massive issue. Similar to Christmas tree lights, if one goes bad, the whole system malfunctions. If an expert helps you out with these wires and you still experience problems, then it’s likely something wrong with the car’s design that keeps causing these wires to not work.

There are safety concerns.

California is a state that takes seat belts very seriously. If you do not have a seat belt while operating the car, the police will pull you over and fine you. One issue that could come with a car is that the shoulder belt could lock in place. The purpose of this is to prevent riders from being thrown forward in a crash. However, faulty cars could include belts that do not allow the driver to fully pull the belt over their body. It can be a potentially recurring problem even after it is sent to the repair shop.

A lemon car can also be hard to control. Malfunctions can cause your car to steer in a direction you do not want it to go. Cruise control can randomly turn off and on. The acceleration in your vehicle could be highly inconsistent. Any of these problems that occur can put you and anyone else on the road in serious risk and are not guaranteed to be fix for good after you try to repair it.

Pursuing Lemon Law

As a new car owner, you should not have to worry about these issues regardless if the car is older or not. The dealer you bought the car from should be making sure that all of their products are sold with minimal problems that could present financial and safety risks to the new owners.

If your new car is not working and difficult to fix, it is time to file a Lemon Law claim. With this lawsuit, you can have the warrantor take back your car for a refund or have them provide you a new car and compensation for additional expenses.