New study announces vehicles with most lemon complaints

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The highly respected announced its list of eight recent vehicle models with the highest number of lemon complaints. Compiled by the site’s staff, this is the first annual list. The site defines “lemon” as cars that have been out of service at least three or four times. Along with the staff’s picks, also crunched complaint data from the 500-plus forums it maintains.

  1. Chevrolet Cruze: This car has had a number of issues in recent years. These include the steering wheel detaching from the column and oil leaks in the 2011 models. Those manufactured from 2009-2011 had steering issues, transmission shift linkage problems and fuel tanks coming loose in crashes.
  2. GMC Acadia: This model has a number of electrical issues, including loss of power and faulty dashboard warnings (including “service engine soon” and “check engine”), fuses burning out and headlights not turning on. It also has repeated problems of engines surging and stalling, transmission problems, traction control issues and suspension issues. The cooling system overheats and leaks.
  3. Chevrolet Silverado: The manufacturer of this popular pick-up recalled the 2016 model because the location of the mounting stud for the air bag sensor and diagnostic module. The location leads to fractures that allow water to enter the system, which leads to malfunction and faulty deployment.
  4. Dodge Challenger: Dodge recalled the 2015 edition of this classic muscle car because of instrument panel malfunction, which causes gauges to wildly fluctuate. The airbag light also remains lit. Driver’s side airbag may have issues involving the mounting bolt. The radio software is vulnerable to third party access to certain vehicle control systems.
  5. Ford Focus: The model years 2008-2013 have problems with check engine light and other warning lights as well as loss of power. The engine stalls or does not start. There can be brake, suspension, alignment and power steering problems.
  6. Ford Escape: The model years 2008-2013 also have check engine light malfunctions and loss of power. The engine stalls or does not start. There can be brake, suspension and alignment issues as well as transmission problems.
  7. Jeep Wrangler: This model has ongoing issues with leaks through doors, windows, vents and roof. There is vibration and noise at high speeds and while braking. Dashboard lights sometimes do not turn off.
  8. Jeep Cherokee: There are concerns about reliable airbag deployment. The power liftgate short circuits due to water leaking into the controls. Software issues enable third parties to access control systems. There is an air conditioner design flaw that may cause vehicle fire.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Owners or those leasing any model of vehicle should contact a Lemon Law attorney if the car, truck, boat or motor home continually exhibits any of the above problems or others. While Lemon Laws are designed to protect consumers, an attorney can be extremely helpful if vehicle flaws cannot be resolved through the normal course of repair.