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November 2018 Archives

Protect yourself against odometer fraud

Many will remember the scene towards the end of Ferris Buellers Day Off where the vintage car crashes through a garage wall and lands on the ground below. This was after the kids who took dad’s prized car for a joyride tried to rollback the odometer. The characters were unable to change the mileage, but there are fraudsters in real life who can and do change the mileage readings on cars.

Class action involving Ford touchscreens ends in settlement

Many complain about drivers looking at their devices or texting when they should have their eyes on the road. However, modern day cars have a variety technological bells and whistles in the dashboard to look at, none larger, more important and distracting than the ubiquitous touch screen used to operate the stereo system, climate control, navigation and other functions in today’s cars.

IKEA recalls defective bicycle

IKEA recently announced that it was recalling 5,100 SLADDA bikes sold in the US and Canada. The reason for the recall is that the belt this bike used in lieu of the traditional bike chain can break. Depending on the circumstances of the break, this could potentially lead to injury from falling or another type of accident. According to the company, it has received 11 reports of the bike's belt breaking, including two that led to minor injuries. None of these incidents was in the U.S.

Diagnosing a steering problem

The Ford Fusion and certain other models have become infamous for problems with their steering. For the safety of the driver, passengers and fellow motorists, it is advisable to address a steering issue as soon as possible. However, it is not a bad idea to gather a little information before going to the mechanic. These from experts may be easy fixes, or at the very least provide you and the mechanic a certain level of information when you bring the car in for work to be done.