Diagnosing a steering problem

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The Ford Fusion and certain other models have become infamous for problems with their steering. For the safety of the driver, passengers and fellow motorists, it is advisable to address a steering issue as soon as possible. However, it is not a bad idea to gather a little information before going to the mechanic. These from experts may be easy fixes, or at the very least provide you and the mechanic a certain level of information when you bring the car in for work to be done.

Check your power steering fluid: There should be a light on the dashboard for this, but it does not hurt to check under the hood. The power steering fluid cap will be well marked on newer cars. Look at the owner’s manual if you do not see it. Unscrew the cap and check the level. If it is not full, buy some power steering fluid from your automotive supply store and fill the reservoir. There is likely a leak if it needs to be filled regularly.

Check the lines: Look at the hoses going in and out of the power steering pump to see if there is fluid leaking.

Check the belts: While looking for leaks, it is also advisable to check to see if any belts are loose.

Listen for noise: Have someone turn the steering wheel back and forth with the engine running while you stand over the power steering pump and listen for loud screechy sounds. This also could mean a loose belt.

Check online: Do a search using “steering problem [your vehicle model]” and find out if there is a recall or if steering problems are a common flaw in the vehicle’s design. This can lead to a quick recommendation how to address the issue and what to tell the mechanic.

What to do if the mechanic cannot fix it

Sometimes parts just wear out, but there may be an issue if there are repeated instances of leaking or the steering simply does not work right. If a dealership or garage cannot fix the steering problem after repeated attempts and mounting bills, it may be necessary to get help from a lawyer who has experience representing clients who own or lease a defective vehicle.