IKEA recalls defective bicycle

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2018 | Consumer Fraud |

IKEA recently announced that it was recalling 5,100 SLADDA bikes sold in the US and Canada. The reason for the recall is that the belt this bike used in lieu of the traditional bike chain can break. Depending on the circumstances of the break, this could potentially lead to injury from falling or another type of accident. According to the company, it has received 11 reports of the bike’s belt breaking, including two that led to minor injuries. None of these incidents was in the U.S.

The models of the recall are the 26-inch and 28-inch SLADDA bikes. These bicycles are light grey in color with an aluminum frame and have the IKEA brand stenciled on the seat tube near the pedals and bottom bracket. Manufactured in China, the bicycles are sold exclusively by IKEA for $400 to $500. The recalls are for bikes sold between August of 2016 and January of 2018.

What SLADDA owners can do

Owners should contact IKEA toll-free by calling 888-966-4532 or use this link to the company site. The company voluntarily recalled the product, and it is offering a full refund. The company will also refund the cost of any accessories specifically associated with the SLADDA bike. Proof of purchase is not necessary, which will certainly help those who do not keep receipts, or bought the bike second-hand without realizing the recall.

Bike accidents often lead to serious injuries

Unsafe bike equipment can lead to serious injury or even death for the rider or someone else involved in the crash. It is crucial that victims and their families hold manufacturers and retailers like IKEA responsible when they are at fault. Depending upon the circumstances of the injuries, an attorney can be extremely helpful in seeking compensation.