California Lemon applies to some commercial vehicles

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California Lemon Laws are some of the strictest in the country, and for good reason. Our famously car-centric culture means that we spend a lot of time in our vehicles, whether it is for personal reasons or conducting business. Either way, the roads are usually full with drivers in vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Which commercial vehicles qualify?

The Lemon Laws are often regarded as consumer-oriented, but it can also apply to business vehicles. There are certain rules under the California Civil Code Section 1793.22 about commercial vehicles. These are:

  • The business with the lemon vehicle must have five or fewer vehicles registered in its name.
  • The vehicle’s gross weight does not exceed 10,000 pounds – to be clear this means the vehicle’s actual weight and not how much it is designed to carry.

A boon for small businesses

These guidelines are a huge boon for small businesses. This is not only because of the small fleet size requirement, but smaller businesses rarely operate large semi-trucks. Typical examples include citrus growers, agricultural contractors as well as business services involving technology or those engaged in light delivery.

Typical vehicles include:

  • Cargo vans
  • Pickup trucks
  • SUVs
  • Cars of all sizes

All regular protections apply

Contact a Lemon Law attorney if the dealer or manufacturer claims that the vehicle is not covered by the state’s protection. A knowledgeable lawyer can ensure that clients get the best possible resolution. While it may be daunting for a small business owner to stand up to big business, a lawyer can change the case in favor of the plaintiff.