Honda recalls 1.1 million vehicles

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Honda Motor Company announced last week that it would recall 1.1 million Honda and Acura vehicles here in the United States. Not to be confused with a previous recall involving 12.9 million vehicles because of Takata airbags, the reason for the latest recall is it re-replacing the infamous Takata airbag propellant that could become unstable and explode during impact. This reportedly led to 220 or more deaths worldwide, including 12 here in the United States.

January incident prompts recall

The current recall was initiated after a man driving a 2004 Honda Odyssey was injured when the replaced Takata front airbag deployed during a crash. According to Honda, the replacement inflators (PSDI-5D) are deemed defective. To overcome the instability of the propellant, an additive called desiccant was used. Unfortunately, the airbags with desiccant deployed with too much force, subsequently spraying the vehicle interior with metal parts. The cause of the equipment defect was determined by Honda to be excessive moisture or humidity sealed into the equipment when assembled at a plant in Mexico.

In a press release announcing the recall, the car manufacturer stated that the driver’s arm was injured, but there is the potential of death to anyone driving a vehicle with the faulty replacement part.

It is best not to delay this replacement

Honda has been forthright about the airbag issue and has stated that it has more than enough replacement parts. Owners need to make an appointment and the work will be performed free of charge. However, those who have been injured by these defective inflator parts are advised to consult with an attorney who has experience handling compensation to the injured due to a defective motor vehicle part.