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April 2019 Archives

Buying a car with a restructured title

A necessary part of buying a used car is checking to see if the vehicle been involved in accidents or damaged in some way. Taking the time do this can mean the difference between buying a reliable used car and one that is not reliable. Doing this may bring to light the fact that the car was involved in a wreck, and it was then salvaged and rebuilt.

Nissan’s recalls and flaws

We believe that auto manufacturers need to be held accountable, but it is still nice to see when they voluntarily recall a vehicle that is dangerous or not functioning properly. While no manufacturer is immune recalls and flaws, Nissan seems to be involved in more than most motor vehicle manufacturers.

Cooling off periods in California

Remorse is a powerful feeling, particularly when a large amount of money is involved. It is fairly common for someone who buys a car to have buyer’s remorse, either because they think they spent too much money or they come to find that there is someone about the vehicle that they have a hard time adjusting to. While California does have a “Cooling-off” period, unfortunately, it probably will not be much help to the buyer.