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How to ensure used car buyers get recall notices

New motor vehicles are required by law to have any outstanding recall issues fixed before these vehicles can be sold, but the same is not true for used ones. Those buying a used car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicles can and should then take several easy but essential steps to protect themselves. These will enable the owner to become aware of any critical safety problems that can be fixed for free through a recall. As always, it is better to do it this way rather than find out after it is too late.

Careful record keeping makes a difference

One of the most frustrating parts of owning a car or truck is taking it in to be fixed or maintained. Many are annoyed at the cost involved not to mention the inconvenience or the time spent in the waiting room for the work to be done. Rarely are even simple things inexpensive, so there is a tendency to barely glance at the work order and run for the door with your keys in hand. This, however, is a mistake.