Honda recalls off-road vehicles

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The explosion in the popularity of recreational off-highway vehicles (known as ROVs, ATVs, UTVs or more generally OHVs) is obvious to anyone who lives or vacations in rural areas. These vehicles are used by recreational enthusiasts, ranchers, hunters and others riding on backroads, dirt trails or going across open country. About the size of a golf cart, these four-wheel vehicles typically feature open side-by-side seating, a possible a back seat or rear storage area, roll bars and other common off-road modifications.

Still relatively new compared to cars, trucks, motorcycles, and leisure vehicles, there have been some growing pains. American Honda Corporation has now recalled all model year 2016-2019 Honda Pioneer 1000 ROVs because of instances of a stuck throttle pedal. This has led to 15 reports of the throttle pedal sticking in the open position, involving six crashes and resulting in a report of a concussion and a broken nose. The vehicle has a listed top speed of 67 miles per hour and limited by a governor. All told, the recall involves 80,000 ROVs.

Not the worst

Honda is just one of more than a dozen manufacturers, which include companies that also build motorcycles, snowmobiles and recreational equipment. According to a May report by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), there have been 92 recalls of these vehicles in the last 10 years. Rather than getting better with time, the number of recalls has gone up each year, from two in 2010 to 18 in 2018. There is currently four in 2019.

The manufacturers with the most recalls are:

  • Polaris: 28
  • Kawasaki: 11
  • BRPP: 9
  • John Deere: 7
  • American Honda: 5

Those with questions can seek legal guidance

Those who own an OHV may want to contact a knowledgeable attorney who handles Lemon Law issues. These vehicles are comparable in price to a compact car and therefore, a major investment for many consumers. It is advised to contact an attorney if there are questions or concerns about the quality of the vehicle bought or other related issues.