Jeep continues to have transmission problems

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The Jeep brand is famous for its four-wheel drive transmissions. Nevertheless, despite decades of designing and building these drivetrains, the company now owned by Fiat Chrysler has once again recalled 2014 Jeep Cherokee with the 3.2-liter V-6 engines because of the famed crossover’s ZF nine-speed automatic transmission continues to exhibit multiple quality and safety problems. This recall involves 81,000 vehicles.

According to Car and Driver, owners continue to report such issues as the clutch becoming stuck, causing the transmission to drop into neutral. This is even though there have been at least 11 software updates regarding:

  • Rough shifting
  • Random drops into neutral
  • Stalling
  • Delayed downshifting
  • Poor throttle response
  • Stuck gears
  • Busy shift behavior
  • And rough coasting

Recalls and service bulletins

There have been multiple recalls for this model, which used the KL platform in 2014. Fiat Chrysler had one that involves over 300,000 Cherokees in 2016 that was supposed to fix many of these problems, but critics have complained that the company only did some of these updates through service bulletins, which means owners would not know about it unless they brought the vehicle in for servicing. Other cases included a letter sent to owners.

Lemon laws may apply

Reports state that 30% of this model have had warranty work of some kind. It has gotten so bad that the automaker is telling dealers to order the new transmissions without the usual prior approval, so they are ready when owners bring the vehicles in for servicing. These problems continue to plague models from other years as well, leaving one to wonder when it will end.

Those with concerns about their safety in driving these cars should consult with a Lemon Law attorney here in California. They may be able to help owners get satisfactory resolutions to their vehicle’s flaws, including a return of their money if the automaker cannot fix their Cherokee.