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October 2019 Archives

VW announces another recall

Volkswagen had been a trusted brand for decades. But it is still recovering from its $14.7 billion settlement in 2016 for cheating on its clean air certifications for its diesel engines. The fallout from that settlement will be felt for years as the German manufacturer continues to pay plaintiffs.

What manufacturer has the most vehicles recalled in 2018?

Recalls are a fact of life in the auto industry. While some manufacturers err on the side of caution, others seem to do everything possible to avoid making a public announcement regarding a design flaw or common problem. These flaws are why Lemon Laws were drafted on the state and federal level. The idea was to protect consumers from buying a car, truck, ATV, motorcycle, or leisure vehicle that is unfixable even after the recalls. Regardless of whether the vehicle was purchased new from a dealership, used from a car lot or the previous owner, the consumer has a right to get a vehicle whose quality matches its price.

Common scams that buyers need to be aware of

The internet makes it easy to research the quality and safety of cars. Moreover, buyers can also check to see if the dealer has bad online reviews. Despite all this information available, there are still scammers out there trying to sell a motor vehicle to an unsuspecting buyer fraudulently. Considering the cost of the average car these days, this can mean the loss of tens-of-thousands of dollars.