What manufacturer has the most vehicles recalled in 2018?

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Recalls are a fact of life in the auto industry. While some manufacturers err on the side of caution, others seem to do everything possible to avoid making a public announcement regarding a design flaw or common problem. These flaws are why Lemon Laws were drafted on the state and federal level. The idea was to protect consumers from buying a car, truck, ATV, motorcycle, or leisure vehicle that is unfixable even after the recalls. Regardless of whether the vehicle was purchased new from a dealership, used from a car lot or the previous owner, the consumer has a right to get a vehicle whose quality matches its price.

Biggest recalls of 2018

Below is a list of the car recalls of a million or more models:

  • Fiat Chrysler: There were 66 models recalled in 2018 that totaled 4,846,885 vehicles. The main reason for these numbers was a problem where the cruise control remained active despite the driver’s attempts to cancel it. The issue was fixed using new software.
  • Ford: The manufacturer recalled 1,619,112 regular and crew-cab F-150 pick-up trucks (2015-2018 models) when it discovered a risk that sparks from the seatbelt pre-tensioner could ignite insulation during a crash and cause a fire. Ford removed the insulation and applied heat-resistant tape.
  • Honda and Acura: These sister brands recalled 1,357,311 vehicles involving 41 models from 2010-2015. The defective Takata airbags were the cause of the recall. The dealers are replacing the front airbag inflator free of charge.
  • Ford and Lincoln: There was a steering wheel issue with 1,301,986 Lincoln MKZs and Ford Fusions model years 2014-2018. The steering wheel retaining bolt could loosen, causing the wheel to detach. The manufacturer replaced the restraining bolt with a longer one.
  • Ford: An estimated 1,282,596 Ford Focus models from 2012-2018 were also recalled to fix a stuck canister purge valve. This issue causes an excessive vacuum in the fuel vapor management system and may result in the car stalling. Ford is replacing the purge valve, and owners can also have their powertrain control reprogrammed.
  • Fiat Chrysler: The company also recalled 1,149,237 Ram pick-up trucks (2015-2017 models) because the tailgate latch could release while the vehicle is moving.
  • General Motors: GM’s lone entry is 1,015,918 SUVs from the 2015 model year because of temporary loss of power steering assist. The manufacturer updated the power steering module to fix the issue.

For those keeping count, that adds of up to:

  • Fiat Chrysler: 5,996,122
  • Ford: 4,203,694
  • Honda Acura: 1,357,311
  • General Motors: 1,015,918

These flaws need to be fixed

Consumers driving these vehicles or others that do not function properly because of a design flaw should take their vehicle in as soon as possible. These repairs should be at little or no cost to the owner. A Lemon Law attorney can help owners if the manufacturer refuses to fix the flaw or does not eliminate the problem after multiple opportunities to repair it.