Takata recalls 1.4 million more airbags

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Bankrupt airbag manufacturer Takata has recalled 1.4 million more driver’s side airbags. The reason given is the commonly cited ones of the inflator potentially exploding and hurling shrapnel into the airbag and driver, or not correctly inflating to protect the driver when activated. This new recall impacts BMW, Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Volkswagens models manufactured between 1995 and 2000, but will likely include more vehicles as vehicle manufacturers determine which vehicles are affected. This includes BMW’s popular 3-Series.

This one is a little different

The previous Takata recalls involved inflators that used volatile ammonium nitrate to fill the bags, but inflators for the airbags in this recall do not. Takata claims that there were 4.5 million airbags of this type installed in the vehicles, but there will only be a fraction of that number of vehicles still on the road.

Recall prompted by a recent crash

A BMW driver in Australia recently died while operating a 1998 3-Series when shrapnel punctured the airbag. Another Australian driver in Cyprus driving a 2000 3-Series was injured recently due to the same problem. BMW was aware of the issue and had recalled the model years 1999-2001. The manufacturer recommends that drivers not use these vehicles until they have been repaired.

Car owners with questions regarding this recall and potential issues with the dealer may need to speak to a Lemon law attorney here in California, particularly if there have been questions about repairs and a dealership’s willingness to perform them free of charge.