Owners can get vehicles serviced during the pandemic

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Lemon Law |

The COVID-19 virus has impacted the lives of people around the world. California, like most states, has a shelter-in-place order that effects our lives in countless ways. While it is not the first thing to come to mind, the pandemic has also made it difficult for owners to get work done on a motor vehicle or even to visit a dealership or mechanic.

California was among the first states to institute a shelter in place order. Still, the state did categorize  “automotive repair and maintenance facilities” and retailers involved in “auto supplies and repair” as essential in a March 22 memo. It is unclear how long the order will remain in place, but it said the rules would be in effect until further notice.

The California New Car Dealers Association has one of the most comprehensive set of materials published on the matter. It updated this on April 3 to point out that there were local variances. (For example, in-person sales may only be available to essential workers.) This, it is essential to remember that rules regarding motor vehicle servicing and repair will change, so car owners should double-check whenever servicing is needed or scheduled.

Nevertheless, owners who run into contradictory information regarding the servicing of a vehicle may wish to consult with a Lemon Law attorney here in California, particularly if it is part of a continuing pattern for the dealer, mechanic or seller to avoid responsibility for repairs they are obligated by law to cover.