Buyer beware: Common lemon law vehicle defects

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Every vehicle has its kinks and quirks. Even new ones may have a few things that need to be adjusted or replaced before the first scheduled service. These issues may be mere annoyances or a blemish on an otherwise perfect product, or they could be much serious and even an endangerment to life and limb.

  • Airbags: The Takata airbag inflator scandal affected 19 manufacturers and is now known as the largest recall in the automotive industry.
  • Antilock braking system: Those who have no experience with this technology may not even realize how this properly works.
  • Transmission failures: Nearly every manufacturer has faced this dangerous issue in the past.
  • Defective seatbelts: Manufacturers still have problems with the original motor vehicle safety equipment.
  • Power steering loss: Power steering does not “break-in,” but it can break. Issues include whining or screeching sounds.
  • Uncontrolled acceleration: Audi was particularly guilty of this problem, which endangers the lives of owners and others on the road.
  • Computer/software: Modern vehicles use technology to control just about every vehicle function, and unfortunately, this leads to tech issues.
  • Engine fire: Kia recalled nearly 600,000 vehicles because of a fire hazard attributed to brake fluid leaks.

Consumers have rights

Those who buy new or newish used cars expect that the vehicle should operate within design specifications. Owners should take the vehicle in when there is a technological, mechanical or even cosmetic flaw. This helps ensures that the vehicle is safe to operate and there is a record of any issues or flaws. If the repair shop is unable to repair the vehicle after making a few attempts, it may be time to speak with a lemon law attorney about replacement, damages and a refund.