Helpful resources for researching a vehicle recall

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Considering the number of recalls we publish on our blog, it should come as no surprise that vehicle recalls are a reasonably common auto industry occurrence. While it does happen, very few recalls involve danger to life and limb of drivers and passengers. Nevertheless, owners need to stay up to date on any troubling or annoying problems they notice or were notified of by the manufacturers or dealers.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a clearinghouse of useful information about vehicles, aftermarket equipment (like tires) and vehicle-related consumer products (like baby seats), including recall information, government studies, safety trends and other information. The database goes back to 1966, so it can even help those with vintage vehicles. Vehicle owners can search by VIN (vehicle identification number) or make, model and year.  Owners can also sign up for email notifications for as many as four vehicles.

Other vital websites include:

  • Child Seat Safety Recall Campaign Listing
  • Office of Defections Investigation
  • Parents Central

Recalls do not always solve the issue

The NHTSA is a great service for keeping owners updated, but it is just as important for the owners to be proactive about problems. The owner of a recalled vehicle will need to ensure that the dealer and manufacturer fix the defects. After a few failed attempts by mechanics, it may be necessary to contact an attorney who handles Lemon law issues here in California. These legal professionals can also be a valuable resource for getting a replacement car and/or compensation for the owner’s other expenses caused by the vehicle’s defects and the dealer’s inability to solve the problem.