Keep that vehicle in tip-top shape this summer

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The mild weather here in Southern California is often the envy of people in colder climates. While the climate is pleasant for people who do not like the snow, there are inevitable tradeoffs – notably when the summer heat sets in. After a day in an open parking lot, it can seem like the inside of an SUV is as hot as a pizza oven.

Manufacturers design vehicles and parts to handle this kind of heat, but it is still helpful or even necessary to ensure your vehicle has everything it needs to operate correctly under these conditions. A useful shortlist from AAA includes:

  • Check the battery: We all know that batteries can die in frigid weather, but heat is also tough on batteries, so be mindful of finding shade and make sure that the terminals and brackets are clean and tight. Also, check its expiration date.
  • Check coolant: This is essential to keeping the engine from overheating. Never do this when the engine is hot, but check the radiator and reservoir. If this seems complicated, a quick visit to the shop will not be pricey.
  • Check tire pressure: Tires that do not have proper pressure are unsafe. Check them at least once per month to ensure proper operation.
  • Check other fluids: Motor vehicles use a variety of fluids, including oil, brake fluid, wiper fluid, and transmission fluid. These enable the auto to operate correctly even when it is hot.
  • Check the AC: Air conditioning is more than a convenience during California’s summer months. If it is not working, it could mean that the coolant is low or a related issue needs attention. In either case, take care of it.

Keeping it under warranty

One of the best ways to keep a new car under warranty is to maintain it properly. California’s winter months may not put much duress on the vehicle, but it is essential during the summer months. It also can avoid causing large problems that may not be under warranty.