What voids a warranty?

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Warranties are like other contracts, which means they can be voided. Either the consumer or the manufacturer can breach the agreement. It can all lead to high-stakes legal disputes involving fault and who owes who. Generally speaking, the outcome ideally holds the negligent party responsible.

Improper Use

The improper use of a vehicle can be broadly interpreted, but it generally involves exceeding or violating the vehicle’s design specifications. Common examples include:

  • Loading a truck or car over the recommended load limit
  • Racing the car on the street or track
  • Off-roading
  • Not properly maintaining the vehicle
  • Aftermarket modifications
  • Odometer tampering
  • Or anything not part of day to day use

Manufacturers are also not responsible for vehicles damaged by hurricanes, floods, hail, or other natural disasters.

Keeping the warranty intact

It is essential for new vehicle owners or leasees to maintain their vehicle with regular servicing, but there are other steps. First of all, it is essential to read the warranty and its fine print – most manufacturers seem to bury important details in the fine print. Their attorney then highlights if they reject an owner’s claim for repair or replacement.  It is also essential to keep records of all repairs, conversations had with a dealer or mechanics, and any other correspondence regarding the vehicle.

Disputes are common

Unfortunately, it is all too common for a repair person to claim that the broken or malfunctioning part is not under warranty. It is serious if it involves safety and rarely is it inexpensive to fix. This leads to disputes, which is why it helps keep the records of correspondence and try to keep the warranty intact.

These steps may not be enough, which is why it may be necessary to contact a lemon law attorney. These legal professionals often focus on these types of legal disputes and can be a real asset in holding the manufacturer or seller responsible for honoring the vehicle’s warranty.