Why hire a lemon law attorney?

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You purchased a new car a month ago, and you are beginning to regret it. The vehicle has already been in the shop because a dome light didn’t work, and more importantly, the check engine light keeps going on. The light was a simple defective bulb replacement, but the mechanics found nothing to explain the engine light. The check engine light went on again the day after that servicing, this time with smoke wafting up from under the hood. The car immediately goes back to the shop, but the mechanics still can’t identify the cause of the problem.

This is an example where you may have bought a lemon. State and federal laws protect consumers who purchase or lease new vehicles, as well as used ones still under warranty. However, while the auto seems to you to be a lemon, the dealer and manufacturer may disagree. They believe the problem is not as dangerous as you claim, plus they are not in the habit of replacing cars or giving refunds (plus additional damages).

Attorneys fight for consumers rights

Consumers can try to handle this problem themselves, perhaps believing that they are right and thus the law should protect them. But sometimes, the owner needs an attorney to better frame the issue:

  • These cases are complex: Lemon laws at the state and federal level are both relatively complicated, which can take a lot of time to understand and address.
  • Knowledge and experience: Lemon law lawyers often focus on these types of cases and have extensive knowledge and experience to address the matter.
  • Attorneys can often get the best possible outcome: It is not just a matter of saying something doesn’t work. It takes a strong argument backed by evidence to get a new vehicle or full refund plus damages.
  • Fight for other expenses: The manufacturer may need to cover other costs related to the lemon. An attorney can help argue for compensation for repair expenses not under warranty, rental car costs, towing, and registration fees.
  • Additional damages: An attorney can seek additional damages, including financial compensation for up to twice the vehicle’s value.

The warrantor pays your attorney’s fee

Many may worry that hiring an attorney is simply spending more hard-earned money on a car that doesn’t work. But the laws ensure that the consumer’s legal fees are covered through the settlement with the manufacturer or warrantor. In other words, there are no out-of-pocket costs to the client.