Why use a Lemon law attorney?

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The internet is a great place to learn how to do things. YouTube can help you fix a leaky water faucet, people can crowdsource advice on their Facebook page, and law firms even provide background on how to best address a legal issue. To varying degrees, the recommendation is for a broad audience. This is great for getting the big picture, but each Lemon law case’s specifics will often be different despite instances when thousands of vehicles are recalled because of a design flaw. Lemon law attorneys can provide help in a variety of ways.

Holding them accountable

After a few visits to the repair shop or dealership with a vehicle under warranty, it may become clear that the mechanics cannot solve the problem. The owner may then turn to the manufacturers’ customer care centers. After all, they are there to help customers having problems with their vehicles. They may even find a solution that satisfies the customer.

Different goals

However, some service centers are better than others. Some believe that the worst centers’ approach is to delay and deflect if the solution involves additional cost to the manufacturer. Sure they want the vehicle to get fixed, but some find that these centers seem to hope that the customer will go away if there is an expensive or unsolvable issue.

They may assure the customer that they will investigate the issue with the help of a local dealer. This may steer the customer back to the dealership, which may not have been able to fix the vehicle. The delay in solving the issue can lead owners to give up and either live with the problem (if it is not dangerous). The other option is to trade or sell the vehicle. The vehicle then becomes someone else’s problem who may have lower expectations. In essence, the manufacturer tries to make the problem go away at least until after the warranty expires.

Legal guidance often leads to better solutions

Those who use a Lemon law attorney may not get as frustrated because they have an advocate not worn down by the manufacturers’ attempts at delays. Individuals can pursue legal solutions on their own if they are willing to put in the time, but a five-minute YouTube video will not cover it. Like many things, the results are often better when clients hire a professional.

Lemon law attorneys understand how the law works here in California. Moreover, they have experience handling these cases, translating into everything the Lemon law entitles them to get. It can mean dismissing frivolous arguments for excessive mileage, or it can mean manufacturers trying to avoid paying the owner for expenses related to the malfunctioning vehicle.