Honda recalls 28,000 motorcycles

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Lemon Law |

One of the most critical safety features of a motorcycle is its reflectors. Now Honda announced a recall of 28,000 2020 and 2021 motorcycles because the reflectors are dim.

The recall involves 13 models. All are 2020-2021 models unless indicated as otherwise:

  • Super Cub C125
  • CB500X
  • CB650R
  • CBR300R
  • CBR500R
  • CBR650R
  • Rebel 300
  • Rebel 500
  • Monkey
  • 2020 CRF250L
  • 2020 Grom
  • CRF300L
  • CB500F

The manufacturer will likely send out a recall notice around July 23. Happily, the fix involves a relatively simple replacement of the reflectors. However, owners should note if any of these bikes were involved in collisions and speak to dealerships about repairs and compensation for damages or injuries. Until they fix the bike, it is also considered unsafe. Those who continue to ride should wear bright clothing with reflective material if possible.

This is common for Honda

Unfortunately, Honda is a motorcycle manufacturer that sees recalls every year for various issues, some considerably more complex than fixing a dim reflector. Recent Honda recalls include two in 2019, four in 2018, and three in 2017.

These bikes must be safe

A lemon car, truck, or SUV involves many frustrations and some dangers to drivers and passengers. However, malfunctioning motorcycles are much more dangerous due to their inherent nature, with severe repercussions to riders and their bikes.