What if there is no fix for my vehicle’s defect?

| Aug 3, 2021 | Firm News |

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration always pushes for keeping unsafe vehicles off the roads. However, sometimes the agency issues a recall when there is no fix. This can lead drivers to feel, at best, uneasy and, at worst, fearing for their lives. Of course, this should prompt vehicle owners to proceed with caution and continue to take their car, truck or SUV in for repairs.

While the NHTSA cannot force automakers to provide loaners to owners of vehicles that require repair, the agency does encourage manufacturers to offer loaners. Still, they are not obligated to do so. If they do provide loaners, it is often for repairs that take more than a few hours.

What can owners do?

Owners can still be proactive:

  • Pay attention to all recall notices for all updates and suggestions for safe operation despite the safety defect.
  • Stay in touch with the dealership regarding the availability of parts for repair.
  • Sell the vehicle, although the seller must disclose the flaw and be prepared for not get full value.

What if there is no end in sight?

It may make sense to consult with a lemon law attorney working here in California. Suppose the vehicle is unsafe and still unfixed after multiple attempts. In that case, a lemon law attorney can help the owner get a new car of similar value, compensation for their expenses, and additional money for their inconvenience.