Tesla recalls 475,000 cars

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We have discussed a wide range of issues involving Tesla’s vehicles. Now, the innovative e-vehicle manufacturer is recalling nearly a half-million cars due to an increased risk of collisions. There are different issues with two different models. After receiving substantial criticism from customers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for doing remote software updates without broadly announcing them, the company is doing traditional recalls where they will fix the cars at a service center. The fixes will be free of charge. Those who paid for them before the recall will get reimbursed.

Tesla Model 3s

This is a known issue where the connection cable to the rear backup camera may become damaged by the opening and closing the trunk lid. It can eventually lead to the camera display not working. The design flaw issue involves model years 2017 through 2020 and includes 356,309 cars. The fix will involve installing a new cable harness and guide protector.

Model S sedans

This one involves the vehicle’s so-called “frunk,” which is the front trunk on the sedan. According to a filing, the frunk latch may malfunction, which could lead to the front hood to pop open while the car is in motion and block the driver’s view of the road. Rather than a design flaw, this one involves an improper installation at the factory. The recall involves model years 2014 to the present and involves 120,000 cars. The fix consists of realigning the latch when the vehicle.

No more video games

After rightfully receiving criticism from the NHTSA over the potential distraction to drivers, Tesla also recently announced that it would disable the feature that allows passengers and drivers to play video games on the vehicles’ center console when it is moving.  They will initiate the fix through a software update.