Ford recall involves the new Bronco and Escape SUVs

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The revamped 2021 Ford Bronco was one of the most high-profile rollouts in recent years. This, and the news of an electric F-150 had posited Ford in the driver’s seat for the coming years. However, there now appears to be bumps in the road that the hot new SUV cannot overcome.

The Dearborn-based manufacturer announced that it recalled nearly 115,000 vehicles due to power brake issues. The list is:

  • Bronco Sport model years 2021 and 2022
  • Escape model years 2021 and 2022

Both models use the same brake system. Ford sent the recall letter to owners starting on January 10.

Rear brake pads are an issue

According to the information filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the rear brake linings may have been improperly manufactured, directly affecting the vehicles’ stopping performance. The brake issue means that the SUVs no longer comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 135, which applies to light vehicle brake systems – it took 630 feet to stop when the brake system malfunctioned rather than federally regulated 551 feet. The problem only affects vehicles built without a vacuum sensor in the brake vacuum booster. Those with electronic brake boosters will detect the malfunction, and the automatic braking system will compensate.

To compensate for the flaw, drivers may need to use a greater than normal force to stop the vehicle within the required distance standards. This increases the risk of a crash, although Ford says it has received no reports of this happening.

They are responsible

Owners who find that this problem potentially contributed to collision or injuries can speak to a lemon law attorney who holds manufacturers accountable for their mistakes. They can also help secure additional compensation for expenses related to these malfunctioning brakes.