Chrysler says don’t plug Pacifica hybrids

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Change is never easy, particularly in the automobile industry as it pushes towards electric vehicles. Tesla is leading the charge with innovations, but the company has encountered many issues. Chevrolet had high hopes for its Volt, but it has not lived up to the hype and had many problems in design and the company’s response to the problem.

Now Chrysler and its’ parent company Stellantis are warning owners of 2017 and 2018 model year Pacifica plug-in hybrids to not plug them in until a fix is made. The recall involves almost 20,000 vehicles manufactured between August 12, 2016, and August 7, 2018.

12 cases of unexplained fires

There are 12 reported cases of the minivans catching fire while parked. All 12 were parked and turned off. Eight of the 12 were plugged in and charging. The manufacturer does not know the cause of the fires, and it does not have a fix. In the short term, owners are warned not to park the vehicles inside a garage or parking structure. Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries or accidents related to the fires.

This is a new recall

Chrysler already recalled 27,634 Pacifica plug-in hybrids for a different issue that caused fires in 2020. Before that, there was a fuel system problem with the 2018 model. The manufacturer started sending out recall notices at the beginning of March 2022.

Owners should take these matters seriously. Those with questions about this or other recalls may wish to speak with a lemon law attorney, mainly if property damage or injury occurred.