Could your car battery explode?

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There have been several vehicle recalls over the past few years related to exploding batteries. It’s a worrying situation as exploding batteries could lead to vehicle fires that endanger the driver and passengers. Or they could endanger people by damaging the electronic systems vital to the safety of modern vehicles.

If you’ve recently bought a new car, you might wonder if the latest recall affects you or worry if a new recall affecting you is in the offing.

BMW is the latest to recall its vehicles

This latest recall affects owners of the following 2022 BMW battery-electric vehicles:

  • i4 eDrive40
  • i4 M50
  • iX xDrive50
  • iX M60

BMW says these battery defects have not injured anyone as far as they know, but it is not a risk you can take.

What is the latest on Chevrolet bolt recalls?

General Motors recalled thousands of Chevrolet Bolts over battery fire concerns back in 2020. By late 2021 they had recalled over 140,000, and there had been at least 16 vehicle fires, including one which set the garage the vehicle was stored in alight.

Now they are offering what appears to be a rebate to unhappy owners, but with one significant condition. Anyone taking the $5,400 must sign away their right to claim. Damages resulting from battery fire could easily amount to far more than that. It could destroy your house or injure you or your family.

If you have been sold a dangerous vehicle, it is wise to get legal help to ensure you fully understand all your legal options. Dealing with manufacturers alone could tempt you to accept offers that you regret later.