Ford recalls 2.9 million vehicles

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We’ve written about a couple of different recalls announced by Ford this year. The largest by far is the recently announced recall involving 2.9 million vehicles with a potential automatic transmission defect — a damaged or missing bushing inside the transmission may prevent the transmission from going into the gear indicated by the shift lever.

This could be a safety issue, where the driver may select Reverse or Drive, and find that the vehicle does not respond as expected. It also could mean that the vehicle placed in Park may not be. The driver may exit the vehicle or turn it off only to find that the vehicle rolls away. In documents filed with the NHTSA, Ford claims there are four reports of injuries to vehicle occupants and six reports of property damage due to the car rolling away.

The recall affects the following years:

  • Model year 2013–2019 Escape
  • Model year 2013–2016 Fusion
  • Model year 2015–2018 Edge
  • Model year 2013–2018 C-Max
  • Model year 2013–2021 Transit Connect

The Escape makes up the largest share with about 1.7 million vehicles; the next largest is the Edge, with around 509,400 vehicles.

The fix

The manufacturer claims the fix will involve replacing the shift bushing and adding a protective cap over the shift cable bushing. Owners should start receiving their recall notice on June 27, but they can also get more information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.