KTM recalls motorcycles for engine and brake problems

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If you ride a motorcycle, you are even more vulnerable to manufacturing faults than those on four wheels.

Four wheels give you enough stability to roll out most situations. The metal cage surrounding you gives you considerable protection if a product fault causes you to crash.

When your ride on two wheels, it takes very little to knock you off balance. If you cannot stop and hit something, you have zero protection other than your clothing. Hence if your bike came out of the factory faulty, you need the manufacturer to do something about it as soon as they realize it.

Thankfully that is what KTM has just done. Worryingly, they have issued several different recalls in the past few months, all affecting their closed course competition motorcycles:

Recall 22-762 issued July 2022

It affects the following motorcycles sold between March 2021 and March 2022:

  • 2022 KTM 125 SX, 125 XC, 150 SX
  • 2022 Husqvarna TC 125
  • 2022 GASGAS MC 125

The issue relates to the engine’s connecting rod. If it applies to you, KTM says you should cease riding your motorcycle immediately and contact your nearest authorized dealer to book a free repair.

22-702 issued December 2021

It affects these Husqvarna models:

  • 2022 TE 150i
  • 2022 TE 250i
  • 2022 TE 300i
  • 2022 FE 350
  • 2022 FE 501

It also applies to these GASGAS models:

  • 2021 EC 300
  • 2022 EC 250
  • 2022 EC 300

The problem is the retaining “R” clips on the front brake caliper pin. Again KTM says you should stop riding immediately and contact an authorized dealer. If these or any other vehicle faults are not solved to your satisfaction, you may need to find out more about your legal options.