Toyota offers to buy back vehicles

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If you buy a new vehicle that has problems while it is still under warranty, the dealer has to fix it. California’s lemon law allows them a certain number of attempts, depending on the problem. If it’s one that could cause serious injury, they get two attempts. If it is something less consequential, they get four.

If they fail to solve the issue after you allow them those attempts, you can claim a refund or a replacement.

Earlier this year, Toyota and Subaru recalled two near identical vehicles

Toyota recalled the bZ4X EV SUV due to problems with the wheel hub and bolts which meant there was a real risk of the wheels coming off, which could cause a fatal accident.

Subaru recalled its Solterra at the same for the same reason. The two cars are almost identical, as Toyota and Subaru collaborated to create these electric SUVs.

Not all problems have solutions

Neither company has yet managed to remedy this serious problem.  Hence Toyota has just announced that it is offering owners of the bZ4X EV two solutions:

  1. They will buy the vehicle back from you
  2. They give you a loan vehicle till they can fix it, plus $5,000 plus gas reimbursement, free charging till the end of 2024 and a warranty extension.

Subaru has not yet announced anything, but it will presumably do something similar.

What Toyota is doing seems in line with their obligations, although it all depends on how much they are willing to repurchase the cars for. Some owners have already complained that $5,000 for option two is insufficient.

Car manufacturers have specific responsibilities to customers. Getting help to understand your rights will be essential if the vehicle you purchased is faulty.