What exactly is a “lemon,” anyway?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Lemon Law |

You know that a lemon is a yellow, sour fruit you can buy at any grocery store, but did you know a car can also be a lemon? A “lemon” is a car with a significant defect or manufacturing error that puts owners at risk. 

For example, a vehicle with an electrical malfunction may be considered a lemon if it’s not repairable after several attempts and causes the vehicle to turn off while in motion. 

If you recently purchased a vehicle and it’s giving you problems you may need to know your consumer rights.

Lemon laws can protect you

Dealers may knowingly sell a vehicle with unrepairable issues to a customer, however, consumers have protective rights that prevent them from such shady actions. When a customer is sold a lemon they need to know their lemon laws. 

Lemon laws protect consumers from having to keep a vehicle with a major mechanical issue that might put them in danger or cause them to lose money. A major mechanical issue is typically covered under a warranty, but can’t be easily repaired. Alternatively, a manufacturer or dealer may issue a recall on a vehicle with a major mechanical problem.

When consumers find their car is a lemon, they may be able to replace their vehicle or get a refund. However, some dealers may fight tooth and nail against a lemon claim. You may need to reach out for legal help when fighting for your consumer rights.