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What to do when dealers do not provide sufficient results

It is an unfortunate fact that dealerships cannot or will not solve all motor vehicle issues. Whether they have fixed a car multiple times without results, or if they claim there is no issue with the vehicle, owners and their attorneys sometimes need to look elsewhere for satisfaction. The next step in this process for many is turning to the manufacturer.

How to get the most out of a test drive

The test drive is one of the more enjoyable parts of car shopping. Some look at it as a chance to stomp on the gas, perhaps drive a car out of their price range, or just have a little fun, but the test drive addresses some important considerations. Here are some tips from experts about how to make the most of it.

Diagnosing a steering problem

The Ford Fusion and certain other models have become infamous for problems with their steering. For the safety of the driver, passengers and fellow motorists, it is advisable to address a steering issue as soon as possible. However, it is not a bad idea to gather a little information before going to the mechanic. These from experts may be easy fixes, or at the very least provide you and the mechanic a certain level of information when you bring the car in for work to be done.

New study announces vehicles with most lemon complaints

The highly respected announced its list of eight recent vehicle models with the highest number of lemon complaints. Compiled by the site's staff, this is the first annual list. The site defines "lemon" as cars that have been out of service at least three or four times. Along with the staff's picks, also crunched complaint data from the 500-plus forums it maintains.

How does lemon law buyback work?

Lemon law buyback vehicles are usually so badly flawed that manufacturers deem them unfit to be on the road. In their eyes, the vehicles are unsafe and not of sufficient value, so manufacturers “buyback” these vehicles from the consumer.

Where to take your car for repairs

No one mechanic or shop is the best solution for all vehicle repairs. Obviously, there are people who do body work verses ones who fix that weird sound your car makes on the highway. Warranty-related work is best handled by the dealership, but an oil change does not need to be. Sometimes you even find a good local mechanic or a neighbor that works on cars.