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Providing Education Regarding Consumer Fraud Protection

You want to do everything you can to prevent yourself from suffering from consumer fraud. Sometimes, falling victim to fraud or deceit as a consumer is unavoidable. However, by following some simple suggestions, you may be able to reduce the chances that you will be taken advantage of by a business.

Protect yourself from consumer fraud by taking the following actions:

  • If any promises are made during a purchase of goods or services, make sure the promises are put down in writing.
  • If you buy anything from an advertisement, keep a copy of the ad until you are confident the product works properly.
  • Do not buy anything sold as is, unless you are completely informed and confident of your decision. As-is products have no implied warranties and thus you have no legal recourse.
  • If you believe a product does not work properly, take immediate action to advise the seller of the defect and that you would like the manufacturer to take it back.

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Throughout California, The Law Offices of René Korper represents clients in consumer fraud cases against unscrupulous companies. We are a consumer protection firm in Valencia with a 20-year history of focusing on lemon law cases and consumer protection.

If you believe you have a lemon law claim or other consumer fraud matter, our firm will protect your interests and help you pursue the fair and just results you deserve. We help clients everywhere in California, including Valencia, the Santa Clarita Valley, Bakersfield, the San Fernando Valley and the Antelope Valley.

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