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Strong Advocates For Consumer Rights

As a consumer, you don’t always know right away when you’re being taken advantage of. But if you were sold a defective vehicle, or there was fraud involved, you have rights and can challenge those actions.

At The Law Offices of René Korper, we stand ready to help you pursue appropriate compensation in such cases. We have great experience and a proven track record in cases involving new or used cars, trucks, RVs, motor homes, boats, other vehicles and other products.

Call our office today to arrange a no-cost consultation about your specific situation. From our office in Valencia, we help clients across California.

Three Reasons To Choose Firm For Your Case

Our strengths include:

  • Comprehensive experience — Attorney René Korper has focused his practice on this area for more than 20 years. We handle cases at all levels, from initiation of a claim, through trial and appeals if necessary.
  • Record of results — Our firm has won numerous trials and obtained refunds for hundreds of clients.
  • Shaping the law — Some of our successful cases have led to important changes in consumer law in California. Our involvement in lemon law cases has yielded substantial improvement in consumer statutes.

In the case of Jiagbogu v. Mercedes-Benz, our client purchased a car that developed engine and transmission defects. Despite the car’s high mileage, the appellate court published a decision which ensures that consumers in similar positions will not face problems with the warrantor.

In Mexia v. Rinker Boats Co., our client purchased a boat that, over time, allowed water into the engine. The company alleged that the defects did not occur until after the implied warranty expired. On appeal, the court ruled in favor of our client, stating that the defect was present all along. This created an important precedent for future consumers.

How Our Strengths Can Benefit You

We are effective in negotiations, settlement and trial. Opposing parties are usually willing to negotiate because they know we will not hesitate to take a case to trial.

Our firm is known for aggressive advocacy and dedication to fair outcomes for clients. We provide individualized service, making ourselves available to you to keep you informed about your case.

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