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Protecting Your Rights In The Recall Process

As a vehicle owner, you never know when you might have to respond to a safety defect with your vehicle. But it’s a common experience in today’s America, with all-too-frequent safety recalls from many manufacturers often in the news.

At The Law Offices of René Korper, we can make sure your rights are protected throughout the recall process. Our firm focuses its practice on lemon law and consumer protection for all types of vehicles.

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How Are You Affected By A Vehicle Or Product Recall?

Federal law has detailed standards on motor vehicle safety. If there are credible reports of an unreasonable risk of an accident due to design or manufacturing defects, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is supposed to take action.

NHTSA’s investigative process often leads to formal product recalls. And sometimes manufacturers initiate recalls on their own. For you, the bottom line is to be aware of what your rights are — and how to assert them effectively.

For example, if warranty or lemon laws were violated, there may be repurchases or refunds in order.

We can help you assert your consumer rights when faced with vehicle defects of any type. For more than 20 years, we have focused our practice on this area of law, building a proven record of results.

Taking Action

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